Made for fishermen, by a fisherman
as seen in
"...this wreck anchor is the BEST on the
market. It's made with time and care and will
get you on your favorite spot. You'll be happy
you got it. Thanks Chuck!"
Ray Charlies,GrumpysTackle
  • 10x Life of Rebar
  • Will Not Rust Like Rebar
  • Low Maintenance
  • 32 Welds Per Unit
  • No Repowder Coating
  • More Bends Than Rebar
Handcrafted from Hot Rolled Steel
Our Anchors Are:
Wreck/Grapple Anchor Sizes
- Fit For Any Size Boat
Small Wreck/Grapple Anchor
LargeWreck/Grapple Anchor
  • Hot Rolled Steel  1/2 - 1"
  • Weight Approx. 12 lbs
  • Length   22"
  • Width    18"
  • Boat size up to 25-26'
  • Hot Rolled Steel  5/8 - 1"
  • Weight Approx. 18 lbs
  • Length   26'
  • Width    19"
  • Boat size up to 26-45'
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The Anchorman Wreck Anchors, LLC
The Anchorman Wreck Anchor Homepage
Publised Nov. 22, 2012
Anchorman Wreck Anchors, LLC  specializes in the design and development of
wreck/grapple anchors for wreck/structure fishing. Each anchor is made with care and
precision from high-quality hot rolled steel, ideal for both standard or reverse pulling. Its
unique design will help eliminate anchor loss.