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Setting Up

After identifying a promising “piece” of bottom, whether a rock pile, wreck or ledge, you’ll need to factor in the depth of
water, the wind & current direction and its speed
before dropping the wreck anchor/grapple hook. This can be challenging
especially if the wind and current are not moving in the same direction. Experience is the only sure way to know when you’re
in the right spot to drop the anchor. If you’re
new to wreck/struture fishing, choose a day when the current is flowing in
the same direction as the wind.

Once the anchor sets or grabs bottom, gradually let out the line until the depth sounder starts to show the bottom structure
you’re looking for. Generally speaking,
the highest part of the structure will hold the most and biggest Tautog, Sea
Bass and Scup, while the edges of the structure will attract Fluke.
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