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Using the Right Anchor

The first thing you’ll need if you plan to get serious about wreck/structure fishing, is a handful of wreck anchors, or
(grapple hooks).
These anchors feature lines that bend easily when entangled in a wreck or structure. I recommend a hot
rolled steel anchor (made by
The Anchorman, which can be found at your local fishing retailer). Though slightly
more expensive than traditional rebar versions, they serve you well and are well worth the extra money.


To make anchoring easier, rig your wreck anchor with the proper chain, shackles and line in accordance with your
boat size.
Too many anglers tie any old- line directly to their wreck anchor without any type of chafing gear. The result is
usually a lost anchor. The chain will also help set the anchor into the wreck/structure and reduce the amount of anchor line
you’ll need.
Attaching a trip line to your anchor is also beneficial in case the anchor becomes hopelessly entangled. The
trip line will allow you to pull the anchor backwards out of the structure You might
also consider attaching a buoy or
poly ball to the end of the anchor line
in case you have to leave in an emergency.
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